Bluence® PPC increases its inverter base with positive POD reports

The incorporation of the Huawei SUN2000 family increases Isotrol’s connection coverage to more than 1.4 GW of installed power

The power oscillation damping report, commonly known as POD certificate or POD report, is an oscillation assessment report mandatory since February 2022 for all types of renewable energy generation plants. It is valid to comply with the requirement 5.10 of the version 2.1 of the NTS (Spanish Technical Standard for Monitoring) and the version 1.1 of the NTS SENP (Non-Peninsular Electricity Systems). Its availability, as well as other reports and certificates, are necessary for renewable plants to be connected to the grid and, therefore, be able to operate in the electricity system.

Currently, it is possible to obtain the POD report through two different means: option A, through the individual plant certification, from the NTS certificate of the PPC and the Inverter and a corresponding study, responsibility of the plant’s owner; or option B, through a joint report from the manufacturer of the PPC and the Inverter for their devices. The latter has an advantage – once the report has been made, it can be used for any other plant which has the same PPC + Inverter combination, thus reducing management times and avoiding the costs of the procedure.

Although it is always possible to obtain the report through option A (with the certifications that Isotrol already has), our experience leads us to keep working on increasing the number of manufacturers and families of inverters to cover through option B.

In this sense, we have just expanded this portfolio with a wide range of Huawei inverters, which adds up to the ones already available for our Bluence® platform. With this last incorporation, through the Bluence® PPC, we are providing grid connection to over 1.4 GW of installed capacity.

Milestones such as this one reaffirm our collaboration with manufacturers of inverters and certifiers so that our product base grows and our clients are provided with grid connection and their plants’ operation.

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