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Nationally and internationally recognized engineering for products and projects; software development for systems of monitoring and control; with a specialty in outsourcing.

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Some Figures

20,170 MW

Our monitoring systems are used to manage more than 20 GW of electrical power generated in over 1,445 renewable-energy plants around the world.

25,000 clients

The planning and operation of over 500 Transformer Centres with our SCADA Distribution CID secures the power supply to more than 25,000 customers.

600,000 measurement points

230 of the 300 small electricity distributors affiliated with CIDE in Spain use our remote management software. End consumers monitor their consumption, adjust their rates and change consumption habits.

35 Countries

Our solutions and services are helping our customers improve efficiency in the management of their businesses in the U.S.A., Brazil, India, Tunisia, Portugal, Bulgaria, Romania, Vietnam …

Products for 1000 aircraft

Our ILS solutions and services for the aeronautical industry optimize the operation and maintenance of a fleet of some 1,000 aircraft worldwide.

2 Million users

With the world’s most extensive free software, we provide technical and communication support for an educational network of 750,000 computers and 2 million users.

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