The main objective of the 3S-CS Project has been the development of a comprehensive system for the control of electrical substations based on IEC61850, with wireless capacity and IoT.

Taking the RTU (Remote Terminal Unit). A set of components has been developed focused on improving the efficiency and safety of electrical infrastructures.

Isotrol has participated in this project mainly assuming the development of wireless communication in the substation. The R&D department has developed a solution that allows RTU devices to communicate wirelessly complying with the requirements of the IEC 61850 standard. This solution is complemented with the development of a prototype driver “IEC 61850 Server” that will allow the transfer of telemetry values ??to the RTU wirelessly, complying with the specifications of the IEC 61850 standard.

Isotrol is part of the solution, for the development of the IoT system in the substation. We had worked on the realization of a prototype that facilitates LTE communication of the system with different IoT platforms, such as Azure or FIWARE.

With both developments, Isotrol aims to contribute to the increase in efficiency in electrical substations by improving communications, remote predictive maintenance and improving access to information on the components of the substation.

Schneider Electric España (leader), Isotrol, Endesa Distribución Eléctrica and Integrasys.

Execution Period: 2016-2018 (extended until March 2019)

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Center for the Development of Industrial Technology (CDTI) and by the European Regional Development Fund (FEDER) through INNTERCONECTA program 2016.