Acronym: TALOS
Project name: roboTics and Artificial intelligence Living labs improving Operations in PV Scenarios

TALOS is an international research project funded by the European Union through the HORIZON-CL4-2022-DIGITAL-EMERGING-02 call.

Its main scope is to develop and demonstrate world-class robotic solutions for different scenarios of photovoltaic (PV) exploitation: terrestrial, floating and agrovoltaic, fostering innovation in the energy and agricultural sectors.

To this end, pilot projects will be set up in the three operating environments indicated above, which are expected to drastically reduce inspection and intervention time and increase preventive operations, resulting in improved plant performance, thus maximising energy production.

TALOS will demonstrate the added value and potential of robotics to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, minimise waste of resources such as water, reduce operating and maintenance costs and optimise human-robot and robot-robot collaboration to reduce human’s exposure to risks environments.

The TALOS consortium consists of 12 companies and is spread across countries such as Spain, Portugal, Poland, Luxembourg, Italy, the Netherlands and Greece, and integrates the entire value chain in robotics, artificial intelligence and data solutions for the inspection and cleaning of photovoltaic plants.

Within the consortium, Isotrol is involved in the tasks related to the development of AI-based fault detection and recommendation systems in PV farms, with the objective of defining, developing and delivering the tools that enable TALOS robotic solutions to perform above SoA in terms of intelligence and autonomy to bi-directionally coordinate robotic missions with AI-based diagnostic systems in order to provide accurate recommendations for action to O&M teams.

This Project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon Europe research and innovation programme, under Grant Agreement no. 101119744.

Implementation period: 2023-2026