Patricia Rubio, bidding on women

From Energy Capital The Magazine

Patricia Rubio, Country Manager at Isotrol USA, tells us a little bit of her experience. How becoming a mother changed her life and the importance of a supportive home when it comes to equality.

Patricia studied Engineering at the University of Seville, in the faculty of Industrial Engineering. Her first work related to the industry was as an Energy Efficiency Auditor. Later, she worked at the same university in Research and Development for five years.

After she became a mother, Patricia quit, “I took a break from professional work to care for my son.” 2 years later, she returned to work and started at what is now her current employment, Isotrol.

Patricia comments that she began as a project engineer for Renewable Energy projects in North America; after that, she was promoted to Project Manager. Finally, she went to Boston to take her current position as Isotrol USA Country Manager. Regarding her perception of a woman’s empowerment in the professional field, Patricia thinks that empowerment comes not only from within each of us but also from the environment we are brought up in and the community that you can choose as an adult.

“I believe it starts with the support of the family that brings you up, to know that you are a person with equal capabilities and opportunities and that you should not accept to be told otherwise.” Moreover, she mentions that this is later is strengthened when you surround yourself with a chosen family that also supports those values.

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