For those confused about what he talking about see The Phantom

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Wholesale Replica Bags Wow. One of the biggest complaints buy replica bags I heard about pvp is that when searching for people in the last hour you can get in because the person is already in a fight, and the same people who complained said taking people in fights off the list would be a good fix. Wholesale Replica Bags

If they are going high quality replica bags to change point rewards or how the ranking works they do it tomorrow not at the end of a cycle, and I know there buy replica bags online will be those who ask “then why did they make this change tonight” because can you picture being one of those people who would ranked good but got luxury replica bags knocked down and couldn get into a fight to get back up replica designer backpacks and then seeing this update the next day

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high quality replica handbags I found the best way to help with jewel management is to pick your favorite keyblade and go from there. If you like using Fairy Stars, for example, you should try to get a good medal in each spot, and then going forward, upgrade the weakest one. If your upright speed is weak and they release a new upright speed medal that is better than the one best replica bags you currently using, then go for it. high quality replica handbags

If you try to pull for every banner, you go broke quick and be too weak across replica designer bags the board to actually accomplish much. You need to play to your strengths and build up a solid blade before you try to diversify.

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replica Purse His points are mostly valid. The outrage machine can perpetually exist. I been playing since September. Not replica bags a replica designer bags wholesale long time, I concede, but I remember when medals didn even have bag replica high quality mercies. Sometimes, there would be a secondary medal that had a five pull mercy, but the main medal on the banner wouldn Even then, the medal that came from the mercy would only have three dots. You have to mercy two of them or spend FMBs to guilt them. replica Purse

It bad that they changed the prime format. It bad that they cheap designer bags replica edited the tweet to change it. However, it still best replica bags online one of the best banners that the game has seen. As long as they don make them worse going forward, I comfortable with this format.

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aaa replica designer handbags SmellyOctopus made the same argument but I just don buy it. A guaranteed medal is always better than a guaranteed trait medal. Because it literally the replica bags from china best of both worlds. If 7a replica bags wholesale you pull five times, you can just use the real medal as a trait medal and roll traits. Or you can keep five copies of the medal and just be just do whatever you want with them. aaa replica designer handbags

Designer Fake Bags It always worse when you high quality designer replica take away options from the consumer. I elected to only pull on Buzz and Woody one time simply because I didn need them traited, and had the FMBs and fairies to evolve them good quality replica bags to seven star naturally. I chose to do that because I could, and they served me well in PVP. For high replica bags 6,000 jewels vs. the 30,000 it would have taken me to mercy both. Designer Fake Bags

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Replica Bags Wholesale It about branding and optics. If they had called this medal anything other than prime, and they didn tweet the wrong banner, fewer people would be outraged. They have just assumed that this banner was different and that SENA was being greedy by changing it. Replica Bags Wholesale

KnockOff Handbags But replica bags china because they called it a prime medal, and tweeted the wrong deal, it looked incredibly bad. It was a costly mistake at a time when the game couldn afford a costly mistake. KnockOff Handbags

Replica Handbags I personally replica bags online am not upset by the changes and I think the banner is still fantastic. But they botched the delivery. Replica Handbags

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Replica Bags I personally think the recent outrage is somewhat unnecessary. And trust me, I had my pitchfork in the air many times and was happily a member of the angry mob. However, exposure matters when it comes to voicing consumer complaints. SENA is surely embarrassed when the pseudo official subreddit for the game is full of people attacking it and saying that it sucks. Perhaps that exposure will lead to changes. Replica Bags

Fake Handbags So let the angry mob run rampant. As long as they aren personally attacking anybody, I see no harm in it. Fake Handbags

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Fake Designer Bags Hello, /u/SQEX_Glacie. This is the only place that I can tag you, so I hoping you don mind me poking you again. I know replica designer bags the game is developed in Japan, but can you comment on how much discretion SENA itself has? Like banner changes, or the decision to introduce the limited best replica designer time vip coins? Was that a marketing decision by SENA or was it a developer decision by SEJP? Or are they one and the same? Fake Designer Bags

Handbags Replica Not sure if you can answer that even if you know. But I best replica designer bags just curious. Handbags Replica

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NICE find. Very interesting. For those confused about what he talking about see The Phantom BannerAs you can see in the case of the Phantom medal, Trait medals DON show the rarity of the medal. (In fact they don need to because after the version update traits can be added to any star regardless of level of the medal).

Replica Designer Handbags This DEFINITELY leads to one to assume the change to the Roxas being a trait medal was a rush Job. And they simply changed the color quickly cause they couldn bother to remove the 6 rarity. And that replica wallets the higher ups wanted more money designer replica luggage out of it and made a last minute decision. Of course we replica bags buy online can PROVE this, but high end replica bags it makes it highly likely Replica Designer Handbags.