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Centralised management of electric contracts




Client Profile

Endesa. A company that offers power and energy services to more than 25 million users in Spain. It is also the leading multinational private electricity company in Latin America.



Centralised management of the electricity contracts for more than 5,000 public buildings belonging to the regional government of Andalusia. To do so, the Andalusian Energy Agency has acted as an intermediary body when managing and defining the project.

“Once it was put into use, the Agency commented that their clients (the energy managers of the buildings belonging to the regional government) were very satisfied, adding that it is the most powerful application and the one they are most proud of.”  
Manuel Olmo Castillo. Endesa Energy’s Territorial Manager in Western Andalusia, Extremadura and Ceuta.


Isotrol has developed a system that unites in a single application the billing, connection, disconnection and modification-processing data from the electricity contracts of numerous public buildings.

Thanks to this system, the energy managers at the Andalusian Energy Agency and of the regional government’s buildings are given the opportunity to manage actions concerning their contract more flexibly. As a result, dialogue with the seller is made easier, leading to a better adjustment of the contracts and a reduced economic cost of electricity.


  • Information for decision-making: Overall control of processes related to energy contracts for an entire network of buildings.
  • Immediacy: Information is always accessible and updated.
  • Data: The system registers the actions performed by each user and permits access according to profiles.





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