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Project Description

SmartOP: Artificial Intelligence and advanced interfaces applied to the optimization of the operation of control centers in large renewable plants

Project Description

The SmartOp project is a system to help the operator of the Control Rooms of large renewable plants, through the digitalization of the operation of renewable energy generation using natural language and artificial intelligence.

Specific objectives:

  • Provide the operator key information on several renewable plants as a whole, giving the overall vision of the state of operation of the plants and the prioritization of the main actions to be carried out for the optimization of production. Artificial intelligence will be the main technology that will help to identify what is happening in the plant and prioritize the tasks to be carried out to solve the problems detected, such as, communication problems or production stop of certain elements.
  • Use of voice interfaces with the user, simplifying the interpretation of complex processes and events with natural language in semantic interface, integrated into a control center.
  • Provide guarantee and traceability mechanisms for the operation performed. Consignment and production of energy through distributed database and Blockchain.
  • Provide transparency and guarantee functionalities for the non-alteration of critical processes: recording of operations, energy and power measurements, receipt of instructions, etc.

The project presents an important level of progress on the state of the art of the applications of artificial intelligence, natural language and distributed databases for the optimization of the processes in the operation centres (Control Rooms) of large renewable facilities.

Main innovation elements:

  • Application of artificial intelligence to recommend actions to the operators of the control centres in almost real time.
  • Advanced operator interfaces with voice integration.
  • Guarantee and traceability of operations in control centres.

Isotrol proposes this project based on its long history of more than 25 years in renewables, mainly in SCADA systems and renewable control centres, proposing a new generation of control centres where the system has intelligence and allows high automatization.

The target clients of these systems are the large utilities, promoters and specialized investment funds, in a sector where the trend is the consolidation of renewable assets in large portfolios.

Participants: ISOTROL, S.A.

Execution Period: 2019-2021

Funding: This project is supported by the Spanish Ministry of Economy and Business (current Ministry of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation) through grants in the field of Digital Enabling Technologies (THD), within the State Plan for Scientific and Technical Research and Innovation 2017-2020, within the framework of the Strategic Action of Economy and Society, State Subprogram for Boosting Enabling Technologies.

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