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Project Description

The aim is to create a technology platform capable of managing the energy of an entire neighborhood or even an entire district in order to increase energy efficiency, reduce consumption up to 10%, and move towards the ‘smart city’. The system will receive and interpret information from sources as diverse as electricity meters, street lighting, and small-scale renewable energy. The system will analyze the energy consumption and provide data and recommendations to citizens, public authorities and utilities.

Partners: Isotrol to lead the project. Enel, Cleopa GmbH, Open Experience, Corporation for Municipal Enterprises of Seville, the city councils of Cambridgeshire and Lizzanello, University of Bologna, Brunel University of London, Centre for Planning, Design and Materials Technology (Cetma), Andalusian Institute of Technology, and the Karlsruher Institute of Technology (KIT).

Funding: The Project has received funding from European Union Seventh Framework Programme under grant agreement nº609082. 2013-2016.

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