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IT Infrastructure in Education

Supply and integration of connectivity solutions

ISOTROL / IT Infrastructure in Education

Country / Sector

Spain / Education

Customer Profile

The Ministry of Education is the governing body for education, universities and research of the Andalusian Government.

The need

Renewal of Andalusian educational model through School 2.0, an integration of information technology in the schools.

‘Thanks to the work of ISOTROL, Andalusian teachers and students have access to a stable and easy-to-use technology environment. Finding and sharing educational information is very easy and students can learn with more innovative and interactive lessons. Isotrol’s support has been of great value in all stages of project development, implementation and support.’
Rafael García Rivas, Head of Educational Innovation for the Government of Andalusia

The solution

The Ministry of Education entrusted Isotrol to launch an Advanced Management Centre (CGA), which gives centralized support to the entire Andalusian educational network and develops IT solutions tailored to the needs of students and teachers.

The Advanced Management Centre (CGA) currently controls a total of 750,000 computers (including PCs, notebooks and netbooks), 4,600 distributed servers, and 12,600 digital classrooms in the 3,986 primary and secondary schools that exist in the autonomous community. Among teachers, students and families, the CGA serves nearly 2 million users per year.


  • Liberates the educational community from technology management.
  • Capacity and cost reduction. The CGA centrally manages all IT centres.
  • Creation and updating of software designed for students

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