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A multinational company from the beer industry that has more than 60,000 employees and is present in almost every country in the world.


Heineken Spain tries to continuously improve their systems and optimise costs at their facilities in Seville by implementing energy saving measures that, in this case, have focussed on the compressed air systems at their bottling plant.

“We have worked with Isotrol to perform an audit of compressed air at our plant in Seville and I would like to highlight that they have provided us with rapid response times, expert consulting services and suggestions for improvements.”
Rocío Sánchez Otero. Energy Manager at the Heineken Factory in Seville.


At most of the production facilities, the consumption of compressed air represents between 7% and 40% of the total electricity consumption. However, often its high production, treatment and distribution costs are overlooked, and this type of energy is perceived as an infinite resource with an unknown real cost.

The Isotrol team has performed an audit of compressed air: a study of air leaks in the bottling line, giving our client access to reliable information on how to use the compressed air they consume correctly. Moreover, Isotrol has made suggestions for improvement to the client aimed at decreasing consumption and correctly using compressed air, such that the energy bill at this type of facility is reduced.


  • Information on the economic importance of this energy source, which is rarely measured and valued. 
  • Detection of unidentified losses and abnormal consumption so that they can be fixed.
  • Reduction of energy costs associated with compressed air production.
  • Suggestion for system improvements orientated towards maximum efficiency and electricity exploitation.





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