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DME- Endesa Electricity Market Management

ISOTROL / DME- Endesa Electricity Market Management



Client profile

Endesa provides electricity and energy services to more than 25 million users in Spain. It is also the first private electricity multinational in Latin America.

The need

The creation in 2014 of the new interconnected European electricity market involves the use of a new algorithm and the joint appeal to all markets associated with the initiative, including the Iberian market. For Endesa, the changes that this European initiative provoked in the Iberian electricity market created the need for a tool that would allow it to assess the impact of different energy trading operations within the new framework.

“Isotrol has developed a technically complex product that gives us the simulation and analysis ability we need to address the integration of the Spanish market into the European market.”
Javier Florencio Alonso Pérez, Endesa Electricity Market Management.

The solution

In 2011 Isotrol launched a collaboration with Ingelectus—a company formed by members of the research team from the Department of Electrical Engineering at the University of Seville—to create a simulation of the effects that the new coupling algorithm and the coupling of markets will have on the results of daily European markets, with special attention paid to the Iberian wholesale electricity market.

The resulting system, called GEMS, is allowing Endesa to adapt their daily-market-participation strategies to the new European electricity market.


  • What-if Analysis. Creation of individual scenarios that simulate trading strategies.
  • Highly dependable analysis of market implications of regulatory and technical changes, beginning with the detailed simulation of the effects.
  • Permits quantification of the effects of European market coupling on the Iberian electricity market.

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