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Dispatching Center

Renewable Energy Plants

ISOTROL / Dispatching Center

Client Profile

Developers, investors and managers of installations that generate more than 1MW of electric energy from renewable sources.


To receive direct commands from the national grid operator of the electricity system in order to implement commands to stop, to push production, or to send energy into the network (among others) in the moment that the signal is raise, without the need for intermediary systems.

despachos delegados, conexión REE


The CER system for Dispatching Center counts with redundant communications and the synchronization demanded by the national grid operator to guarantee a direct communication with generation plants of renewable energy.

Isotrol has developed a system that allows you to receive direct commands from the national operator of the electricity system, and therefore maintain fluent and efficient communication between the production system and the regulatory body. Thanks to the adaptability of the system, the dispatching center solution is applicable to other countries, satisfying the requirements of the individual system operators of each country.

In Spain, Isotrol has installed the CER Dispatching Center solution in 5 Control Centres of its main clients. Setting up Control Centres, developed by Isotrol´s team, as Dispatching Centers with direct connection with Red Eléctrica de España – REE (Electricity Network of Spain).


  •  Reduction of management costs through the elimination of hiring intermediaries.
  •  Functional Guarantee. CER Delegated Office can be integrated in the CER Control Centre solution or act as a unique and independent solution.
  •  A very complete system that integrates the tools necessary to verify the completion of received guidelines, so as to minimize their impact on production.
  •  Adaptable to new legislation. CER Delegated Office is a modulate system, extendable and adaptable to legislative changes. 
  •  Key in hand solutions, that encompass everything from the construction works to the implementation of the control and communication systems.
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