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Bester Generación

ISOTROL / Bester Generación


Italy, Bulgaria, Romania and United Kingdom

Client Profile

Bester Generación offers key in hand solutions to companies in the renewable energy market, encompassing EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) and O&M (Operation and Maintenance) companies involved in biomass, wind, photovoltaic, thermo­solar and small hydro plants, making it a contributor to environmental sustainability and social well­being.

Need of client

To centralise the operations and maintenance of a network of multiple photovoltaic, solar plants located in different European countries.

“Isotrol has developed the CER system that we have installed in Bester Generación, allowing us to see in real time the running of the different components from our power plants, and hence maximising profitability and the efficiency of our photovoltaic solar systems that we have designed and installed around the world”
Miguel Díniz, director de Operación y Mantenimiento Internacional


Isotrol has integrated it ́s CER system in each one of the client ́s photovoltaic plants, allowing for
the display and operation analysis of all it ́s components. Furthermore, Isotrol has channeled the systems
from all plants to a Control Centre where it is possible to access all levels of information from the network.

Fifty eight photovoltaic plants are already using the CER system to manage their assets, and thanks to the
system, our client can centralise the management of over 200MW of power produced throughout their
European installations.

Benefits felt

  • Remote operation of an entire network of solar plants from one system
  • Access to a constant stream of data; from general information on business activities to detailed
    statistics on each power plant.
  • Listing of data from a wide range of manufacturing equipment and components: including multiple
    producers, platforms, protocols, etc.
  • Personalised configuration of warnings and alerts to allow for the quick response and action to
    particular situations.

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