The main objective of the project is to provide the Electric Grid with a higher degree of security, researching and developing new knowledge in the field of cybersecurity that allows:

  • The detection of possible cyber-attacks before they occur through non-intrusive listening and real-time data analysis (stream analytics and machine learning) techniques.
  • To increase the defense of systems and electronic equipment deployed in substations and transformation centers by developing new encryption and authentication algorithms that will make them more resilient while meeting the response timerequirements.
  • To protect legacy systems and equipment whose capabilities do not support the deployment of such security measures.
  • To assess the security of all or part of the smart gridin real time, through dynamic means of evaluating systems and devices in real time.

The project considers the following results

  • A reference architecture and a model for deploying cybersecurity in the Smart Grid.
  • Non-intrusive data traffic analysis algorithms based on stream analytics techniques
  • Algorithms for detection of known and zero-day attacks in real time, based on data analytics and machine learning techniques.
  • Encryptionalgorithms that meet the response time and availability of servicerequirements imposed to the field electronic devices.
  • New protection solutions tolegacy systems and communication protocols through new hardware or embedded systems.
  • A smart grid cybersecurity assessmentsystem for assessing the security level of grid in real time.

S2 Grupo (leader), Fanox Electronic, Ibermática, Ingeteam Power Technology, Isotrol, SAC Maker, ZIV Grid Automation and Electrotécnica Arteche Smart Grid.

Execution Period: 2017 – 2021 

This project is financed by the Center for Industrial Technological Development (CDTI), through the Strategic Program of Consortiums of National Business Research (CIEN) 2017.

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