Success of the webinar “Digitization to optimize O&M and operational efficiency of renewable assets”

Success of the webinar “Digitization to optimize O&M and operational efficiency of renewable assets”

Isotrol and Genneia highlighted the impact of the accumulated experience in the digital transformation process of the renewable industry.

Webinar video:

“Digitization to optimize O&M and operational efficiency of renewable assets” was the title of the webinar on June 18 conducted by a team of experts from Isotrol along with Patricio Neffa, who is the Director of Operations of the leader in renewable generation in Argentina: Genneia.

The organization of this online conference was carried out by the specialized communication company ATA Insights, which counted a large number of participants from locations all over the world. 

In the different presentations, it was explained how digitization is something decisive to increase the profitability of assets, acting from the process of data acquisition, information processing and analysis to O&M management. Presenting in this way its advanced Machine Learning solutions for the early identification of failures and problems, as well as analysis out of normality, Isotrol gains prominence among the providers of technological solutions for the renewable sector.

Regarding the conclusions of the webinar, they discussed digitization as a means to increase the efficiency and profitability of assets, as well as on the process of data acquisition-analysis and performance applied to large portfolios; and the importance that the tools and accumulated experience have in this process. It is worth underlining the intervention of Patricio Neffa, who stated that Bluence was the “most appropriate” tool for Genneia’s integration needs since it “greatly facilitates the operational task”.

ATA Insights is an independent strategic communication company whose objective is to help companies communicate the value of renewable energy to users and to all links in the value chain.

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